Attacks against nationalist bookshops (Athens, 5/6/2008)

According to reports from and some mass-media, around 8 in the afternoon, two nationalist bookshops were attacked, at Exarchia, central Athens. The one of them holds the editions of Adonis Georgiadis, a parliament member of LAOS, a right-wing party, on Solonos 114 street, targeted also more than 10 times in the past. The other is "Pelasgos" a nationalist hang-out and bookshop on Harilaou Trikoupi street. Once evacuated from employees and clients, the bookshops had their glasswindows broken down and then were burnt with molotov cocktails, causing total damages to the shops and the merchandise.

A view of "Pelasgos" after the visit:

A whole new dicor for Georgiadis books:

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