On the beating of security guards at Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, 30/5/2008)

Following is a translation of a text published at http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=873780. Click on the link to view also the photos mentioned, found in the security guards' mobile phones. Keep in mind that in Greece, the police is not allowed to arrest people inside the universities ("sanctuary" law) unless a crime (e.g. a militant occupation or a street clash) is actually happening, partly as a conquest of the anti-junta students insurrection, back in 1973, so the police work inside the universities is done by security guards and often undercover policemen.

During the dawn of 30/5/08 we attacked 3 employees of a private security enterprise (ASPIS SECURITY) in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our motive was clear: To reply - a minimum - to the social work that they recruited themselves on their own. Because, the honest job to wich they all refer to, includes the direct relation among private and state security. Incidents that start from threats and end to arrests come to affirm one and only thing: Where the police cannot intervene, there come its unbreakable branches.

On May 5th, 2006 with the arrest of 5 persons after some clashes outside aristotle university. On September 9th, 2007 with the arrest of the anarchist Christina Tonidou, and with a more recent example, when they invaded a university self-managed infoshop and named persons as responsibles for the destruction of the university entrances' control bars.

All these prove the role of a security guard: to protect the bosses and co-operate with the police. Beyond all that, their threats against people that do skate and graffiti inside the university are well-known ("We will hunt you outside the university to turn you over to the cops" etc).


PS1. Among their personal stuff we also found these photos(!)
PS2. When the practical opposition to policing in the aristotle university comes to matter, neither the control bars nor the presence of cops in uniforms or not in the "sanctuary" area is an issue.


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