Arson against ethniki bank and communique (Athens, 29/9/2008)

From the mass-media:

Limited material damages were caused at the ethniki bank branch of the 17nth km of Athens-Lamia national road, after a fire caused by an explosion at 2:35 in the dawn. The arsonists had placed a home gas canister device made containing12 gas cans! 2 of them exploded, and the fire brigade put out the fire before it expands. Police security investigates on this incident.

A translation of the claim sent by e-mail to

Oppression is often connected to the cop's glob and the prison bars. A part of these less obvious mechanisms of democracy is responsible to safeguard social peace with an even stronger ally of oppresion, less visible, the consent of the exploited. The banks could be burnt, cops could be beaten, bosses kidnapped... But how can we attack this consent?

Surely not by preaching the exploited with a complex analysis on the capitalist system and dominion, since to understand your role and open space to think further on it, a primal rebellion is inevitable and necessary. Encouraging this rebellion, making clear in actions that dominion-authority doesn't lie at theoretical terms found only in academic debates, but is constituted of structures and people whom you can attack everywhere and always, it is the only possibility to break apart this consent and destroy this social cemetery that is called society.

These are some of the reasons we attacked the national bank on the alley on the 17nth kilometer of Athens-Lamia road. All the rest of them will express themselves in the next attacks of us against dominion and its servants. We also dedicate this attack to the comrade G. Voutsis Vogiatzis accused for robbery at the ethniki bank of Gizi, who had his pre-trial imprisonment prolongued the previous week.

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Comando "Anarchist Individialities"

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