Paint attack and destroying control bars at the technical university (Larissa, 22/9/2008)

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An attack with paints was realised, the traffic control bars where broken and slogans where spray painted:

"Guard the "asylum" from all those "guarding them from free circulation of ideas"

*note: according to the greek laws, the police cannot lawfully perform arrests or investigations inside the universities, unless it's a serious crime or a crime in process, this is the university "asylum".

On Monday 22/9 a group of students attacked the security guards stand of the technical institute (TEI) and spray painted slogas as "kick the snitches out of the TEI", "invisible prison bars, visible prison bars, the security state keeps smiling to you" and "asyum everywhere".

Right now the TEI does nothing to reduce the price of bus tickets, it pays companies of snitches-thugs with the pretext of keeping TEI and the stuudents living in the halls safe. These quislings (the security guards) repress and humiliate the dignity of the students. They monitor every night students that come inside the TEI, while they allow in certain fascist worms and paid bouncers that threaten and bully students.

These follow: a well known fascist, personal friend of the security guards, attacked together with another two racists an alien student and his girlfriend. In another case the security guard on duty, together with a bouncer attacked two students in a party inside the TEI. But their drollery doesn't stop here. Patrolling and invading students rooms they attempt to play the role of the TEI-cops. As far as monitoring is concerned, the official notebook they were keeping not only the register ID's, name and surname and car licence plates, but also commenting on the external appearance of whoever comes in and out. Of course they couldn't resist a macho showig off against girl students speaking to them in a vulgar ans sexist manner.

All the above are not just a few incidents of authority abuse, but certify the only reason of the security guards existence wich is to limit the students free activity.

As long as there are snitches paid or not and means of repression there will be proud people resisting them.

Until we eradicate all guards and masters... Make them feel insecure.

Reappropriate the university areas.

"Social Liberation Virus"

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