Supermarket products expropriated at Ampelokipi (Thessaloniki, 20/9/2008)


Here is a rough translation of the communique distributed:

Ten minutes before 2 in the noon, today Saturday 20th of September, an action against an Atlantic Supermarket was realised on L. Riankour street, near the metro station of Panormou at Ampelokipi. 30-40 comrades filled carts and baskets in order to distribute them to the near by open poplar market and the crowded area. Because of the obnoxious attitude of certain employees that tried to prevent the comrades from leaving, acting as guard dogs of their bosses and defending the propriety of those that exploit them, and also an unfortunate meet-up with a police car outside the market, the distribution was not carried out as it was planned.

Following is the text distributed:


In a period when the media of mass delusion and the politicians of diverse colors burble about the problem of "costliness", we come to understand that the problem is the system itself, the authority and the exploitation. That's why we selected to act against the bosses that take advantage of deteriorating our already unhuman life conditions. Assuming that the solution can be found only within the practical opposition to wage labor, we selected to expropriate products from subsidiaries of lare corporations, and distribute them to the people that have a right on them. Realising this action with our only weapon the power of collective organization we prove that everyone can fight against the system of slavery, as long as he decides to. Our aim is to expand socially what we do and get everyone to do it. Giving us a title of a hero or a "Robin hood", gets us away from our target wich is to abolish the alienations and divisions of society among those that decide and those that obey, and relatively to exploters and exploited. That's why the bourgeois press, being an element of the exploiters, agent of the state propaganda, unable to hide or defame our actions, are distorting them, giving us a role we denied from the begining. Two of them even managed to publish some outrageous interviews with fictional persons allegedly being some of us, and of course writing rubbish, proving that journalists are nothing more than professional liars.
We respond by continuing our activity. The road to freedom passes through the insurrection. To organize the social relationships in the foundations of mutuality and solidarity, in a community where people shall share the products of their work, without the mediation of money.

Antonis, Mitsos, Mihalis, Aleka, Katerina, ms Lena, Vasilis, Kostas, mr Giannis, Nikos, Babis and their friends

ps1. Looting the bosses propriety whas always generalized when it comes to social uprisings. It is n't a hobby of certain youth of the developped world, but a solution realised by the "disposessed" in the whole of Earth, from Argentina to Iraq.
ps2. Just because it is still a reason for slandering, we repeat that we cover our faces so that any cops, by profession of voluntary snitch cannot recognise us.


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