Residents of Ksino Nero clash with nationalist organisation members (Florina, 31/8/2008)

According to "Alpha tv" website (, there were some clashes among residents of Ksino Nero (Florina) and members of the extreme right wing organisation "Chryssi Avgi" (Golden Dawn). Members of Chryssi Avgi reached the village in a car comvoy holding greek flags and yelling nationalist slogans. Then they set the greek flag on the local prefecture building, and chanted the national anthem to memorise the battles of Grammos and Vitsi when the monarcho-fascist state army beated the insurgents of the democratic army, during the greek civil war. Then a member of Rainbow (a local party claiming to represent the locals' rights, many self-determined as slav-makedonians, an entity the greek state doesn't recognise), told the nationalists to leave, and then some clashes erupted among nationalists and locals. Police intervened after all, and clashes didn't expand. It also seems that Thessaloniki city council and LAOS right-wing party supported the memorabilia, sending their own flower coronals.

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