Religious statue vandalised in Cyprus (Nicosia, 2/9/2008)

Source: e-mail.

Translation of some media reports.

"Vandals threw red and yellow paint at the statue of the archbishop Makarios III, located inside the yard of the archbishop residence in Nicosia. The 10 meters high statue is going to be relocated in the archbishop's tomb, on Troodos mountain, at the end of the year."

"In yesterdays statements to a newspaper, the archbishop of Cyprus Chryssostomos 'B, called idiots and without a logic the penetrators of this incident. He said that "unknown persons, outside the building, threw bags of paint to the statue of the archbishop and wrote a slogan on the wall (note: slogan says: "for sale. down with all idols"). We are informed the the police will go into investigations of genetic material (DNA) in order to find the penetrators".

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