Some actions during the "benediction" event in schools (Athens, Chania, 11-12/9/2008)

In Athens:

"On 11/9 first day of the new school year, during the benediction, wich is a day where schools gather teachers, students, priests and officials to celebrate the "good starting" of the school year, we were in the 1rst-3rd high-school of Holargos to mess their fest. To do a good starting ourselves and note that it is in the hands of students the way the new school period will be, and that the only school enlightening is the one burning! We lifted a banner writting "FREEDOM TO HUMAN MINDS, FIRE TO THE SCHOOL CELLS", throw leaflets and distributed texts. Some police cars came in the area and the cops tried to put down the banner but didn't manage to do so. The mood was very positive since during the "benediction" the officials, the priests and the teachers were booed and cursed a lot. Note that the mayor had brough his thugs inside the school. Let this be a departure point for action sabotaging the educational process!


In Chania:

Instead of a benediction event, in the 16th and 17th public schools of Chania there were demonstrations organized by students and their families, to protest the bad conditions of their school buildings. In Pasakaki, Chania, the kindergarden pupils' parents decided to occupy the school for one day, since its housing conditions are awful.


There were also parents gatherings at the 52nd public school and 61rst kindengarden of Heraklion, who also plan to occupy the buildings demanding a new site for their schools, which is already available, but the local authorities temporize.

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