Corporation gala in the university sabotaged (Athens, 12/9/2008)

A translation of a text published at:

"Today 12/9 a group of around 40 persons practically cancelled the gala taking place in the dean hall of Athens university organised by the department of economic sciences of EKPA and participating a variety of corporations of the Greek and international capital (Marfin Egnatia bank, Plaisio, L' Oreal Hellas SA, Titan Cements and others). We lifted a banner inside the hall where the gala would take place, distributed texts and chanted slogans to stop the process.

Texts distributed:

"This event aims to convince us that the students practice is a golden opportunity for the professional carriere of students-graduates, while all it is about is a slave-market peppered with carrier fantasies. Having though experienced the condition of student practice, we sure know it's all about unpaid, or bad-paid work, certainly uninsured based on the black-mail of gaining longevity or on the pretext of learning the job. As for the professors, what they do is undertaking the role of head-hunters in the bosses' services seeking for free-recyclable workers power. Since we don't need any galas to connect theory and practice, when we say "not one minute of unpaid work" we take it to sabotage every fest promoting it."

"Company searches for young men/women for practice, devoted to his/her work, ambitious and willing to sell out his/her dignity in the altar of tomorrow's beloved little carrier of his/hers.
Offers unpaid and uninsured work, flexible 25hours a day in a friendly and pleasant environment, in total sterilization and surveillance (duty supervisors, cameras, security guards...)

Virtues as willful sneatching and harsh competition will be estimated.

Bonus: Free drugs for mental sickness and the pillows for your chair.

For more information, seek for the local departments of EKPA.

Send your resume at:"

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