Lefkimmi protestors throw eggs and yoghurt to the mayor (Corfu, 29/8/2008)

A rough translation from a coverage by the local CN news: http://www.corfunews.eu.

"With eggs and yoghurts ended without glory the 13nth meeeting of the city council of Lefkimmi. The council's president today 29/8/2008 and at 19:00 had called the meeting in order to decide on the signing of the treaty among the city council and the departure of cleannes on the management of the XYTA (garbage dump) of southern Corfu. 9 counselors were present in the meeting. Once the president started the meeting mr Monastiriotis asked to speak and said: "Honoring the promise we gave the Lefkimmi people, as long as the MAT (riot police) will be in Lefkimmi my group won't be present in the meetings, so we shall leave". After mr Monastiriotis left, there wasn't a safe majority, so the president dismissed the meeting. The residents present started to argue in voice against the mayor's attitude. On his way out, the mayor Spiros Gatsoulis threatened to "block the water supply next week". Then the residents enraged started throwing to his face eggs and yoghurts! He demanded, in front of CN news camera, from the police chief to bring immediately 20 policemen to arrest his voters. His people. Lefkimmi's people."

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