Incendiary attack against national bank's ATM (Ioannina, 25/9/2008)

Here is a translation of a claim sent to

We take responsibility for the arson of the national bank's ATM on Katsari Street at the Papageorgiou supermarket in the dawn of Tuesday 23 September.

The capitalist invasion in every aspect of human activity has turned the entire of society into an endless transparent factory. The refinement of the spectacle's mechanisms, the new science of publicity, present consumption objects-symbols of wealth (expensive car, new mobile phone, designer clothes) as the ticket for the "magical" world of fake "freedom" and normaloty... The desert expands everywhere...

Every day the same reality, the eyes lowered, fake smiles and a shiny misery of buildings and merchandise that can only cause us vomit.

And the clock keeps ticking anxious to catch up... the eight hours of wage labor, the time for consumption, the dreams of a career, of our own life that is experienced only as a representation...

There is though the point zero in the rout of time. There where minorities consciously disorder the normal flaw of mass production of servants, of submission and willful slavery.

We are in war. That's how we live this world. We can't be inconspicious to all those cameras, the security patrol armies, the cops' guns shooting off on people, the torturing and raping in the police stations, the murdering of immigrants in the borders, the murders in work of the 8 proletarians in Perama last summer, the occupation army of the riot police in Lefkimmi, the pillaging of the nature.

We are not unaffected bu the indifference of a sleepy crowd that reproduces and preserves the rubbish-values of this world. We are consciously on the other side.

The insurrectionary action reflects the deepest substance of our being, our desires come alive and turn into ACTION.

We dedicate this action to the revolutionaries Vaggelis Botzatzis, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, G. Dimitrakis and Polykarpos Georgiadis, to the six fugitive comrades and to the communists of the revolutionary organization November 17, imprisoned in the white cells of Korydallos.


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