Series of attacks and communique (Chania, 19/8-5/9/2008)

A translation of a communique sent via e-mail and also reported at:

We claim responsibility for the two government vehicles (one of them was a jeep with ministry of culture signs) on Daskalogianni street on 19/8, the attack with stones and paints against an ELTA (post office) on Anapafseos street on 25/8 (eventhough we didn't come up to the damages we were planning, but these things also happen), breaking the glass windows of a subsidiary of "Ethniki Asfalistiki" private insurance company on Kydonias street on 4/9, attacking with stones against the offices of "Diethnis Enosis" insurance company on Margouniou street and breaking up 2 OTE (telecommunications) vehicles outside their offices on Loutrou street on 5/9, in Chania. Most of these attacks were hidden by the police and the local media.

We think the selection of the targets reflects our willfulness. For us, anything of the state, from the vehicles to the shinny glasswindows of every government building (from the murderous and repressive institutions as the army and the police to the most apparently neutral service) is a target and needs to be destroyed. As for the insurance companies, the legalisez pimp they are together with the state, in order to cover the supposed "possible needs" of the citizens, is considered as nearly self-evident matter, growing them unperturbed rich.

It's about time they start covering some real damages, these ones of their own.

There is n't any special occasion for these actions, at least not in the way those that have learnt to think according to what the state and media present as "news", may think. Every moment is a wonderful opportunity to attack and destroy what destroys you. Provincial towns are not a "cease-fire zone" of a war raging in the metropolis. The choise to attack finds its way to spread everywhere and always, as long as there are people determined to carry it out.

We tried to bring out some of our targets. But the enemy is everywhere inside the city, in every structure and every expression of the authoritarian world. Bur firstly and mainly, it lies in the generalized apathy and inertia of the social majority, accustomed to "mind their work", thus consenting to the dominant structures and plannings. Faithfull to the lines of the revolutionary war, we pass into counter-attack and rocking the boat of a town sinking in security and loyalism... We illegaly return a piece of the legal and institutionalised violence we receive every day.

We dedicate these strikes to our imprisoned anarchist comrades Giannis Dimitrakis, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Vaggelis Botzatzis and Polykarpos Georgiadis. If freedom, resistance and dignity is a crime, then we are accomplices in that crime. Each day of their being captive passes, will find us stronger and more determined. We 'll see you again.

"Night Retaliation"

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