Supermarket products expropriated (Thessaloniki, 4/9/2008)

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A translation of the communique distributed during the action:


A couple of days before the opening of a dance of promises for better conditions of life, while some speak of costliness, we practically oppose it. In the face of a consumption mechanism setting profit above survival we select to expropriate basic needs stuff and freely distribute them to those they belong to.

We refuse to contribute active or passive to the game of state and bosses raising costliness levels projecting false needs and fake decreases leading to raise of consumption and establishing new levels that don't respond not even to a middle worker's needs.

We consider a decent life as a right and not a stake. Walking the way where the terms of survival and total submission to the consumerist establishment nothing can get in our way.


Initiative against costliness

note: when mentioned in most mass-media reports, the action was firstly named an "attack of hooded people against a super-market", though later the people's respond was made obvious (e.g. cheering and distributing the stuff at once).

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Robin Hoods fight high prices
Sep 5, 2008 11:01 AM

Greek anarchists stormed a supermarket this week and handed out food for free in the latest of a wave of raids provoked by soaring consumer prices.

About 20 unarmed people, mostly wearing black hoods, carried out the midday robbery in the northern city of Thesaaloniki, police said.

Local media have labelled the raiders "Robin Hoods" following previous raids.

They take only packets of pasta, rice and cartons of milk which they drop in the middle of the street for people to collect, a police official said.

"They have never stolen money or hurt anyone. They ask people to remain calm but use ambush tactics, jumping over cash desks," he said.

"When they attack without hoods, people are surprised to see that they are mostly women."

The rising cost of living has replaced unemployment as Greeks' main concern. Inflation is officially running at a 10-year high of 4.9% although many items have risen in price more sharply.

Source: Reuters