Arsonist hit "Fylax" Security vehicle (Thessaloniki, 12/10/2008)

A translation of the claim of responsibility published at

In the dawn of Sunday 12-10 we torched a vehicle of the private company "Fylax" (Guard) Security parked on Aeshilou street in Thessaloniki.

It was a small retaliation on our behalf for the willful cooperation among Fylax security and the Greek Police on plotting of V. Botzatzis and the three fugitive comrades' case.

A basic role was given to an employee/snitch of this company above, based on his ridiculous witnessing.

Masks start to fall. V. Botzatzis is out of prison and this mockery built by the "jackals" of the antiterrorist squad should end here.

No process against V. Botzatzis
Stop the 3 fugitive comrades' siege
The war goes on...

"Private Anti-Security Company"

Note: Vaggelis Botzatzis was under pre-trial imprisonment for over a year, accused for incendiary attacks against vehicles at a french car agency, a bank and 2 public power company cars. Another 3 anarchists are wanted for the same case, while they remain on the run. More info at

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