Two-hour lasting free toll pass (Patras, 25/10/2008)

From the Committes Against Costliness -

"The committees Costliness-STOP went -yesterday and today- on two massive mobilizations of protest at the toll posts of Zevgolatio and Afidnes. With slogan "Nor even one euro to the contractors, ban the tolls" demonstrated against this certain way to take money off our pockets. For more than two hours, hundreds of workers and youth kept the toll bars open and showed that when we are many, united and determined, we can achieve many.

We will continue. We will meet again in every place costliness strikes, outside super-markets and banks and against all those that profit against us, the cartels (rackets), the bankers, the collector-state. It was a first, little step. The resentment we all feel can be turned into an act of resistance.

Down with costliness!

Costliness-STOP committes in every neighborhood!

Saturday, 25 October 2008"

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