Students take over their schools (Tripoli, 3/10/2008)

According to the mass-media:

The 2nd, 3rd, 4rth high-schools and the 1rst and 2nd technical schools of Tripoli are occupied by their students. The local educational supervisor declared dissapointed that "every year this situation is like a hype, the kids are playing", and added that "a small minority tries to impose its will" and also non-students tried to take over a school but the police prevented them at once. Also students from Trikala took over a local high-school too, protesting lack of infrastructure, as well as another high-school at Farkadona, where students protest sortage of language teachers. Also high-school students realised diverse anti-student-election actions in Larissa, Athens and elsewhere, while in Metamorfosi, Athens, students took over their school without electing representatives.

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