Lefkimmi residents continue to struggle (Corfu, 4/10/2008)

A free translation from: http://xyta-lefkimis.blogspot.com/2008/10/blog-post_04.html

With an irreducible tension, Lefkimmi residents continue to react protesting the construction of the garbage dump, the riot-police presence and the death of a woman and the turning of their village into an occupied zone.

Last week the city council had its gatherings aborted twice, while the residents clashed with the riot policemen inside the garbage dump area.

In the first attempt to gather the city council there was a phone prank warning there was a bomb set in the building, so the council was cancelled.

In the second attemp there was a mess and protestors created a black out in the building's area and threw fireworks inside a metal container.

A group of residents headed to the dump's construction area and a clash with the riot policemen started, leading to stones and tear gas fights. During the clashes 2 residents and 1 cop got injured.

Dimitrios Tsiotsios, the police chief was furiously beating injured protestors himself.

Some residents were carried to the local hospital with severe injuries and were arrested there. Last week's incidents show that Lefkimmi residents are determined to cancel by any means this crime that is realised in their country. They seem determined and they organize to keep on the confrontation by any means.

The prefecture head Stefanos Poulimenos (note: his surname actually and literally means sold out!) mentioned that this situation cannot go on and the residents and local officials should sit down and talk into this problem.

Lefkimmians, don't seem to authorize anyone to speak on their behalf in any dialogue, at least not as long as the construction works and riot cops are in Corfu.

From an article of Stamatis Kyriakis at "Prin" newspaper.

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