Exlosive attempt against Shell building at P. Faliro (Athens, 24/10/2008)

From the mass-media (APE-MPE):

A powerful improvised explosive device was detonated by the police outside Shell building at Paleo Faliro. On 2:40 unknown person called the police and said a bomb was to explode in 20 minues on Agias Kyriakis and Haritou street corner. The area was evacuated and the police spoted a plastic bag containing the device, that didn't explode finally, and the police set it off at 4:30. It was made of 2-3 kilograms of dynamite, a mechanical clock, a fire detonator and a few other devices, and it is unknown why it didn't explode. Police estimates there was something wrong at the linkage. Anti-terrorist service leads the investigations.

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