Paints against "LAOS" party offices (Athens, 20/10/2008)

Translation of a communique from:

The fascist plague is crawling in the streets of the city and the neo-fascist party of LAOS tries to find its way opening offices in every neighborhood. Their offices appeared again at Kipseli, on the second floor of an appartment building, on Megistis street, where they hanged byzantine flags, and balloons (!), and also a banner with the ridiculous slogan "patriotic protectionism". Note that we 're talking for one of the most dense residential areas of Athens with a high population of african origin, and also balkanic, eastern european and asian. Many of those living in the appartments of the fascist LAOS party offices block are immigrants, and the local school is full of children from immigrants from all ovr the earth. On the occasion of Karatzaferis (translator's note: the party's "fuhrer") the fascists realised flyposting and sticter gluing around the area, spray painting "solidarity to greeks" (!!!) and other fascist and racist slogans. The posters and stickers of LAOS were destroyed, their slogans erased... And yesterday night, on Megistis street antifascist flyers were thrown and slogans as "KICK OUT THE LAOS FASCISTS", "SOLIDARITY TO IMMIGRANTS" and "FOREIGN WORKERS OUR BROTHERS!" and also red paints were thrown against the fascists' offices painting their walls and signs.

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