Attack against economics ministry office and claim (Athens, 27/10/2008)

A related report from the mass-media: "An improvised incendiary device with gas canisters, was placed by unknown persons the dawn of Monday, in an office of land property offices and American Express company, on Mesogion avenue, Holargos district. From the explosion, minor damages were caused to both offices. Police is investigating, while up to now there wasn't any claims from any organization".

Translation of a text sent via e-mail:

On 27/10/08 we selected to attack the offices of the ministry of economics on Mesogion Avenue at Holargos. Our target wasn't random.

The state's reorganization of economy, in complete harmony to the capital's order, is carried out to intensify even more the constraints, inequality and alienation.

The same moment we experience the totalitarianism of dominion and its acceptance, the lords of this country, in cooperation with the western states, report ready to provide vast amounts of money to save the prestige of the world financial system and the normal function of economy.

In this imposed normality, someones select servitude, some other idleness and some don't select at all. But, there are also others that select to assault. Our words are a testimony of soul: Negation. We don't ask for mildness, we don't give silence. We negate this world and all those helping it to stand. AS for us, we will always ride their dreams like ghosts, shadows in the delinquent underground.

This incendiary attack is just a block in the tower of aggresive solidarity and it is our own contribution to the crisis of the local and world capitalist system. We don't nurture illusions. The world won't change with arguements. Individuals are needed, ready to risk and set afire this world to shine. Violent revolutionary action will bring down every trace of compromise and peace within society.

This attack is dedicated to the comrade Giannis Dimitrakis who is found incarcerated for the expropriation of ETE bank on Solonos street.


Black Fever Gang

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