Workers confrontation with riot cops during military parade (Thessaloniki, 28/10/2008)


In brief, workers of Lanaras, Siemens and Viamyl organised an intervention against costliness and unemployment, during the pupil-military parades of October 28 (declaration of war of the greek nationalism by the side of english imperialism against italian fascism during WW2...). Around 300 demonstrators (according to the mass-media) holding black flags tried to invade the military parade in Thessaloniki, in order to approach the president of the democracy and give him a letter with their demands. Riot policemen repelled them and tension was manifested.
Meanwhile at Zografou, Athens the "Committees against Costliness" broke into the pupils parade demonstrating for wage increases, while similar interventions were realised in different cities around the country during the parade by antiauthoritarians, left-wing and ecologic initiatives.

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