Incendiary attack against military courthouse of Rouf (Athens, 29/10/2008)

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From the mass-media: Minor material damages were caused to the entrance of ROUF military courthouse at 2:35 in the night, after a combustion of an improvised incendiary device made of 10 home gas canisters. According to the first information, a fire erupted followed by an explosion breaking the entrances' glass windows. A little after 7:00 a.m. the police found near the barracks' entrance a hole in the fencing wire where the penetrators allegedly entered from. It is worth noticing that the arsonists weren't noticed, since the area is guarded by the army.

Update: According to "Eleftherotipia" newspaper(,id=75353488), the «Conspiracy of Cells of Fire - Revolutionary Army cells» claimed with a phne call to "Eleftherotipia" the responsibility for the attack "in solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis, who was facing a military jury on October 13".

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