Attack against the City hall (Thessaloniki, 1/7/2008)

Here is a translation of a text sent via e-mai. Bear in mind though, that there were no relative reports in the mass media.

Responsibility claim

For the last few years now, the state has created the institution of the municipal police, in the context of security-insecurity that it creates and reproduces itself. The local authorities came with a tool of exploitation and enforcing their decisions.
Frustrated men in uniforms, integrating the police attitude of the armed murderers of their species, flood every day the streets of the metropolis. Modern tax collectors of the empire, distributing fines to cars, shops, street merchants to raise the municipal income. With the "support" of social compromise, they attack and beat street salesmen, mostly immigrants, that they declare as illedal, since they are the law themselves.

Both their physical appearence and their spirit, for us, is something to conspue, at least. Today (01/07/08) we proceeded one more step: we attacked the City Hall of Thessaloniki as a practical and simple confrontation to the institution of municipal police and as a sign of solidarity to the anarchists M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis.

Freedom to the anarchists M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis

procecuted for the arson attempt against a municipal police car at P. Faliro

Jury: July 11, Evelpidon Courthouse

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