Incendiary attack against ruling party offices and communique (Thessaloniki, 15/7/2008)

According to a media report in greek:

"A gas canister attack was realised by unknown persons the dawn against offices of the local organization of New Democracy at Diikitirio, Thessaloniki. From the fire the office's facade was damaged and also two parked cars."

A communique sent through e-mail:

At the dawn of Wednesday we attacked (using the well-known materials: a petrol can, 4 household gas canisters, and a few candles to provide us with the necessary time to leave the area) against the local organization of New Democracy on Afentouli 8 street, at Diikitirio area. It was another act of hostility with the prison society, a huge embrace to the comrades TSOURAPAS AND KONTOREVITHAKIS who will walk with us again the path of constant offensive against the existant. To them, who regardless the pressure from the post-civil war jury DID NOT SHOW ANY REPETANCE and supported the revolutionary option they chosed one year ago and it costed them 13 months of imprisonment in the human-deposits of the parliamentary democracy. But the struggle doesn't not stop here. Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis, Giannis Dimitrakis, Vaggelis Botzatzis as well as the 6 in total fugitives of this period have the people of Negation on their side. Hostilities will go on, with or without any prisoners. The offensive actions do not come to play the game of politic currents, reminding the dominants the political cost of keeping revolutionaries in captivity. The offensice actions ARE THE BET WE WAGE for the transport of the revolutionary life to HERE and NOW, our date with history, the restless sleep of those responsible (through their neutrality as well) for the colonization of our lives. We begun. And we will keep looking for partners in crime...



Summit for the remembrance of Émile Henry


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