Lefkimmi residents keep on sabotaging the disposal centre works (Corfu, 25/7/2008)

According to reports at: http://athens.indymedia.org/front.php3?lang=el&article_id=897808
More info (in greek) and some photo-presentations and videos at http://xyta-lefkimis.blogspot.com/.

On 23/7: Residents of Lefkimmi intervene at Corfu city council asking to inform the council members on the XYTA ("hygienic" garbage disposal centre) consequences, but they are not permitted to do so. They demanded the immediate removal of the riot policemen from the area. The council broke apart, due to the unrest in the city hall.

On 24/7: There were information that a ship with material for the construction of the XYTA would reach Lefkimmi's port. Demonstrators blockaded the quay and inhibited the ship from parking. They finally forced it to leave. Intense presence of cops and maritime cops, but they didn't intervene.

There is another report on an ambush against two police patrol cars near the entrance of the XYTA. They were attacked with stones and forced to retreat, with damages.

On 25/7: A new attempt to unload material for the XYTA at the port. Demonstrators blockade the quay and prevent parking. Member of the ship's crew film the protestors with video cameras, something that outrages them, and they invade the ship. What follows is clashes with maritime cops, while the captain boosts the engines and some protestors fall in the sea, though local fishermen came with their rowboats helping the protestors carrying them back to the land. After all of that, a maritime police car found its way to the sea bottom of the port!

(note: photo from older mobilizations of 16/6)

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