Multiple arsonist attacks (Athens, 8/7/2008)


Reports come from various mass media: An explosion occurred at 3:25 in the dawn, at an Alpha bank on Protesilaou street, Ilion. Unknown persons set at the entrance of the bank an improvised device with home gas canisters, causing excessive material damages. A second explosion damaged an Emporiki bank on Ionias and H. Trikoupi street at Alimos... The unidentified arsonists, are said to have caused the fire with flammable liquids, causing severe damages to the bank subsidiary. A nearby company was also attacked... Another attack with rocks and home gas canisters happened Monday morning in an office of the ministry of culture on Plapouta 45 street, Exarcheia. A group of 15 hooded persons, broke down the entrance with a sledge hammer, threw gas canisters in and set fire to the ground floor, causing excessive material damages. The anti terrorist unit has taken charge of the investigation.

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