Vandalism against municipal infrastructure and police station construction site (Volos, 5/7/2008)

According to an article published in Thessalia newspaper, messing artfully a problem in water supply in the area, the activity of young vandalists and the need "for their parents to cooperate with authorities for their own (the kids) protection"
(in greek at
A rough translation:

"Cases of vandalism are recorded during the last days in the area of Iolkos and mostly around the public spaces. The last case happened two nights ago, with destructions of municipal property around the church of Agia Irini, while damages were realised against an under construction building, designed to hold the local police station. The municipal authorities blame known persons, in their childhood or adolescence, mentioning they (the authorities) aren't willing to go legally against them, but ask for the cooperation of their parents." ...
"Meanwhile, as it was known by the municity of Iolkos, vandalism isn't something new, but it is a regular phenomenon, for the last periods of time. Damages are usually caused against infrastructure of public spaces, bars and schools of the wider area, something that concerns seriously the municipal council. According to the municipal authorities, the perpetrators are known and they are in their childhood or adolescence, described as having an "anti-social behaviour". The municipal council states they aren't willing to go legally against the youth in order not to hurt their future life, but ask for the cooperation of their parents, in order to protect the youth and eradicate vandalism against municipal property." .

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