Attack against the president of the republic attendant's car (Athens, 1/7/2008)

Here is a translation of the claim, sent to

We selected to hit the personal car of the attendant of the president of the republic Karolos Papoulias, yesterday dawn at Pagrati district. We dedicate this strike to the anarchists Marios Tsourapas and Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis with whom we stand in solidarity and companionship to their revolutionary selection, and whose trial is set for July the 11th. The responsibles for maintaining "order" and "security" in the metropolis find themselves in our enemy's side, and shall keep on being targeted by our attacks. Attacks that will be intensified and personified, in contrast to the generalised social apathy, which is as well responsible for the maintenance of the existent. We are at war, and whoever remains a looker is our enemy.

Responsibility claimed by the "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire/Night-time Patrol Comando.

This is already the seventh communique related to the "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire", since they have also claimed responsibility for another 6 all-night series of arson attacks (one of them lasted for three days in a row), damaging dozens of targets in both Athens and Thessaloniki. For the communiques, click here.

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