Youth attack motorbike policemen (Athens, 15/7/2008)

News from indymedia (in greek):
From the mass-media (also greek):

"An attack against two men of "Z" group of "Direct Action" (note: the police unit) was realised the noon of Monday in the center of Athens, by a group of 30-50 young people, estimated to belong to the antiauthoritarians' milieu. According to information, the policemen were moving on Moustoksidi street, near Evelpidon Courthouse, where they were attacked with stones and sticks by the unknown persons, leading to their retreat. The attack caused damages to the two motorbikes, while the offensors took away both the policemens helmets. It is probable that the attack has to do with last' days jury of thw two young men arrested for arson attempt against a municipal police car of P. Faliro on June 5 2007. The police didn't publish any announcements on the event."

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