Communique on the attacks at P. Faliro and Psychiko (Athens, 9-10/7/2008)

A translation of the text sent via e-mail:

At the dawn of both Wednesday 9/7 and Thursday 10/7 we attacked against motorbikes of the municipal police of P. Faliro and against the diplomatic car of Morocco at P. Psychiko.

The targets were selected in a way to prove that the revolutionary practices don't care for time, academic years, and hard days. They set the time and space themselves, to strike and shape their power. They are the "now" and they are the "always". This in regard of the cops suffocation of P. Faliro and their ambushes in targets connected with the municipal police. Of course they can't do anything to stop our attacks. Same goes for P. Psychico, where the police-state reigns and the reaches "elite" that lives there and conserves it. We fell on there on our parachutes and wrecked every sense of police planning of yours, and we will visit again.

Rage and imagination will always find a way to manifest themselves.

We dedicate this hit to the Anarchist Comrades M. Tsourapas and Chr. Kontorevithakis who are since Friday 11/7 facing a jury for the attack against a Municipal Police car, claiming responsibility for their choices.

We 'll be back.

P.S. The police had extra luck given the servitude of some by-passers (probably cleanness municipal workers that put out the fire when it erupted so it didn't expand).

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Chaotic Action
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Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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