Explosive device at governmental economic agency (Athens, 29/7/2008)

From the mass-media (http://www.in.gr/news/article.asp?lngEntityID=923186&lngDtrID=244), comes that police units neutralised an explosive device (bomb) set outside the building of the government's Economic and Social Committe (OKE) at Neos Kosmos. Earlier, someone made three phonecalls to the police, Eleftherotipia newspaper and Real FM radio, claiming a bomb was to explode at 22:45. Policemen found the device inside a flower bed, outside the building, and transfered it to the crime unit investigation laboratories.

An organization called "Popular Will" (Laiki Thelisi) sent a cd-rom in an envelope marked with a red star, claiming responsibility to the newspaper "Eleftherotipia". Some parts of the 7 pages of the communique sent, appear in an article of the "Eleftherotipia"'s website (enet.gr). According to them (rough translation):

The new organization claims responsibility for the attacks at the offices of Siemens and Bayer in Athens (in both cases the bombs didn't manage to explode, only the detonator did). In the case of OKE, nor the detonator exploded. According to officials, a common detonator and a lamb bulb were used to circulate elecric current using a cell phone. Instead of these failed attacks, Popular Will claims also responsibility for an older one, four years earlier, against the courthouse of Larissa (29 May 2004) in solidarity to imprisoned comrades (apparently those accused for membership in November 17 organization) in order to prevent their transportation. The organization mentions they "didn't claim responsibility at the time in order to prevent any evaluation of the action by the known local and foreign "antiterrorist" centers and simultaneusly contributing the the prevention of the announced transportation plan, since its clear message was notable". They mention that the repressive mechanisms "didn't stop at the admitted crime of "Evaggelismos" (note: when the state's agents "took care" of the injured Savvas Ksiros, after a bomb he carried exploded at his hands) and the unproven and unjustified heavy convictions, and after the end of the first jury against the accused for the Revolutionary Organization November 17, they demonstrated at once their will to eliminate them in the isolation of a newly built special part of Larissa prisons".

On their attack against OKE offices, they mention it expresses their denial to affirm the shameless unpopular attempts of class compromise and their will to mark the institutions and the powers that took over this pathetic role. They mention that instead of the official position of GSEE (note: confederation of trade unions) of no-participation at this set-up dialogue on the pension system, in reality the dialogue was done through OKE, a member of which is also Panagopoulos (president of GSEE) as well as employer executives. They also mention the name of the first president of OKE, Koukiadis 1994-8, and today's forth president the ridiculous opportunist Polyzogopoulos (note: PASOK member, former president of GSEE, recently two anarchists spent more than a year in prison, since he "recognised" them after some youth attacked him near Exarchia), that after the popular struggles of the last months against the pension bill, stated on 9.4.2008 that "the contribution of OKE towards the strenghening of the social tissue and the country's progressive effort will continue"...

They also mention, concerning the attacks against Siemens and Bayer offices, that the recent bribing scandals that came to light are not a spontaneous excess but the rule of the function of the neo-liberal economic and political system. Sponsoring political parties, "gifts" to politicians in return for an exclussivenes in providing the digital lines of the (former) OTE (note: greek telecommunications corporation), who was pretty randomly attached to Deutsche Telecom, another basic partner of Siemens in the international market". On Bayer, they mention "the international pharmaceutics and chemistry corporations of Bayer, proud successor of the "chemic" big idea of the Nazis, based upon a closed circuit of sold out scientists, manages almost in a monopoly the human pain of billions of people, and didn't hesitate to set many times in danger their lives, having as an only target to profit. It is for example known that they were accused (thousand of plaints in 2003) on creating products contaminated with HIV in Latin America and Asia, and not ofcourse in the USA, since they knew its danger, thus every know and then their products are withdrawn from circulation from the drugstores, as inappropriate and dangerous for the health".

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