Clashes at the P. Faliro 3 solidarity march (Athens, 3/7/2008)

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More than 1000 persons participated at the solidarity march to the 3 arrestees (2 in pre-trial imprisonment) for the incendiary attempt against a municipality police car at P. Faliro on 6/5/2007. After some demonstrators repelled a security guard that attacked one of them spray painting a slogan on a wall of the lyrical scene, riot police brigades and undercover policemen attacked the main body of the march and clashes erupted. The cops used excessive tear gas, making it impossible to see around, at Akadimias street, while a helicopter was above the demonstration in accordance to surveillance and intimidation tactics. At least 6 cops were injured during the clashes, while some damages were made on luxurious cars and banks. A mercedes also caught fire, probably due to tear gas canisters. An 18 year old demonstrator was arrested and beaten by the cops.

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