Attack against the national bank (Chania, 1/7/2008)

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Last night's attack against the national bank at Kounoupidianon square at Chania, was a sign of solidarity to the imprisoned anarchists Marios Tsourapas and Chrissostomos Kontorevithakis, in sight of their trial set for July 11. The comrades are to be "blamed" for an arson attempt against a P. Faliro municipal police patrol car one year ago, having also claimed responsibility for this action of theirs.

The banks, apart from their purely symbolic role as structural elements-temples of the worldwide capitalist system, have also a more tangible, every-day role. They held concentrated large sums of money, the lack of which deprives from most people the means to live a life of decent conditions in this hierarchical world, condemning them to the chains of wage exploitation and a lifelong economic prison from these same banks-corporations. With or without a special occasion, each and every bank constitutes a target of primal importance for the insurgent consciences, with the means they will select on their own, each time, as a part of a total struggle for the destruction of this world.

In the mean time, we selected and we select again to act on the offensive, like the two imprisoned anarchist comrades, breaking the silence treaty where the vast majority of Chania (and not only) local society has enclosed itself, seeming to have deserted every means of powerful resistence (beyond the legitimate trade-unionist "revendications"), and turned totally in a meaningless hunting for its accomodation, consumption and spectacle. We 'll be back, wherever and in any means we shall chose.

PS. We chose this specific bank, a little outside the city, since during the night every kind of cops had flooded the city center, in a show off of "power" (for the eyes of the people) after a bomb blasted at the offices of a parliament party, most probably by (para)state right-wing locals (an attack we think hard to be unnoticed and without the cooperation of the police authorities of the city). Thus, we wanted to have all the time needed to "take care" of the outer and inner space of this new "jewel" of the national bank at Chania.


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