Beating neonazis at the CourtHouse (Athens, 3/7/2008)

From a report at:

"Today around 10:30, 60 comrades of us went to the courthouse to find the 2 fascists that were caught by cops and confessed their part in the attack of Monday at Petralona [note: around 15 members of the golden dawn neonazi organization attacked with knives two squatters inside an infoshop, then two of them were stopped in a police control in the area and confessed their participation in the attack]. Since they are charged with misdemeanours, they got a postponment and were free to leave. On of them though, stayed inside the courthouse halls to update the juridical details with his lawer. So, he got spotted and isolated inside a hall where he was beaten up sufficiently. After we finished, we left the courthouse. We should say that the cops probably thought their little friend were gone, so they couldn't prevent us, also when they realised something was going on it was too late, the little fascist got himself a beating and the rest of the comrades where blocking the hall's entrance not letting any cops in."

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