Communique on the attack at the Agriculture Ministry of Cyprus (Nicosia, 28/3/2008)

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We feel unlimited rage for the sick environment we are forced to live in. On March 27, 2008 we attacked, given its jurisdiction on this treaty, against 5 official vehicles of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE in Nicosia, without though separating it from the rest statist-capitalist mechanism in its totality.

The authoritarian structure of the system we live in, defends the interests of the managers of the economy (turism, industry, entrepreneur companies etc). This, according to a causality, leads to the destruction of forests, water misusage, air and soil pollution, destruction of the reserves, extinction of species and to a larger climax the greenhouse effect and the intense climate changes.

The pseudo-ecological sensitivities of the statists we witness every day manifest through the press, is nothing more than desperate attempts to put the "citizens" minds at rest. It is nothing more than the phenomenical solving of the problems they -with our own complicity- created inside the context of the spectacle. In reality, not even the tiniest effort is done to solve them. Something that can be proven by the total abscence of alternative energy sources in a country with very strong sunlight and also the spasmodic actions for the recovery of water famine, since this situation has reached a pick, while in the same time there are huge wastes for golf fields and for the turist industry.

The ridiculous progresses and the green slide, cannot reassure us, they can only DISGUST us. The environmental destruction combined with the sound-pollution, the light-pollution, stench and vulgar aesthetics of the city, as well as the unbearable boredom of the duet work-consumption, destroy our mental and physical health. We feel alienation in the internee life you offer us.


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