Youth class with police in Cyprus (Larnaka, 6/7/2008)

No alternative source found, so all info come from "Politis" newspaper (

"They would set the police station on fire"

...On Athienou, it all started a little after 7 a.m. when an officer from the local police station tried to stop for a traffic control a young man driving a motorbike on one wheel without wearing a helmet. The young man didn't stop, and the police officer got attacked by other youth, also riding motorbikes. The young men, apparently displeased by the traffic controls held by the police, caused a malicious damage (chocking) to a police car and left. A little later, a group of 30-40 youth gathered outside the police station of Athienou with their motorbikes, rioting. Later on, they also put up a fire using gasoline. Back ups were called from the police station of Larnaka (members of TAE and OPE police units) and Aradippou and then the youth left. Though, after witness testifications, 9 young men were arrested, age 17-18, all of them called to the national army the coming days. They all had accusation charges against them and left free to be called for the jury. Another young man is also wanted under the same case. In another case, youth from Aradippou, who were also going to the national army the next days, seem to have spray painted slogans concerning their recruitment on the walls of a church and around a park, as well as on some houses walls at Athienou. Damages are estimated to many thousands of euros. The police called 13 young men to testify, who were also charged to be called to a jury.

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