Arson against french foreign mission car (Thessaloniki, 3/11/2008)

Photo comes from the mass-media ( where the incident is reported as an attack against a "french citizen's" car, while in the photo it is clear that it has foreign mission car plates. Communique published at

In the dawn of Monday November the 3rd, we set on fire a diplomatic vehicle on Skepastou 13 street, at 40 Ekklisies, Thessaloniki.

We salute the massive struggle of the prisoners in 21 prisons of Greece. From Alikarnassos to Diavata and from Giannena to Chios, the bridges of solidarity we have conquered all those years, take flesh and bones, break the chains of every captivity and unite the two damned worlds.

As they are in there for us
We are out here for them
Everything continues...

Cells of aggresive solidarity to prisoners

"We warm up our embraces to welcome again in the gulfs of resistance our comrades I. Nikolaou, D. Syrianou, K. Halazas".

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