Multiple attacks during the day in Exarchia (Athens, 11/11/2008)

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From "A group of around 15 hooded persons attacked the new offices of PASOK (opposition party) on Navarinou and Ippokratous street corner, as well as the political office of G. Voulgarakis (ex-minister) across the street, with sticks, stones and paints, causing material damages to the glass windows.
On their way out, the hooded persons caused damages to a car and two motorbikes of Voulgarakis personal security guards parked nearby. Then, they broke the glass window of a Eurobank on Solonos 93 street, and the facade of a bookshop of a LAOS (right wing fascist friendly party) parliament member, Adonis Georgiadis, on Solonos 114.

Note: According to some reports at also a bank van was attacked, and flyers were thrown everywhere, with slogans against incarceration and in solidarity to the prisoners in struggle. It is also said that the security guards fired their guns to the group but were repelled with stones.

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