Paints and garbage against construction company (Athens, 30/10/2008)

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Today 30 October a group of 30 comrades attacked the construction company "Mesogeios AE" on Zoogohou Pigis throwing black and red paints, eggs and garbage inside the building where their headquarters are and at its fasade.

This company -self-titled as "environmental protection company"- is to be blaimed for the destruction of natural environment that XYTA garbage dumps have brought as well as other similar works they direct around the country (Arta, Ksanthi, Kefalonia, Heraklion Crete, Fyli Attika, Grammatiko and elsewhere).

It is yet another company that in the name of "green" development and within the context of wider statist and capitalist plans, makes a fortune polluting irreversibly the nature and destroying the life of communities.

More specifically, "Mesogeios AE" has claimed, via one of its 4 subsidiaries, "Ithaki" the construction of XYTA of Ioannina at Elliniko area. On October 15, residents of Elliniko and solidarians resisting the construction of XYTA, where attacked by 19 brigades of MAT (riot cops) who where protecting the machinery of this construction company in order to continue their destructive work, while afterwards, police forces imposed a military occupation in the village.

Today's action was a gesture of solidarity to the residents of Elliniko Ioannina, Lefkimmi Kerkyra (Corfu), and Karvounari Thesprotia, resisting XYTA and the threaten for the degradation of their lands, encountered with state's violence and repression. An action of resistance to state and capital, to the civilization of production, consumption and management of garbage.

Comrades for the defence of Nature and Freedom

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