Clashes between management and employees and fired at ALTEC (Athens, 6/11/2008)

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ALTEC officials (corporation managed by Ath. Athanasoulis) and their thugs attacked the workers and fired ex-workers of ALTEC that had occupied the subssidiary's Altec Telecoms offices.

Minor clashes erupted when the management attempted to repell the 150 workers occupying the offices (basically every worker of the company), but they didn't succeed in doing so. No one was injured and tension is now over.

The workers are protesting the management's plans that may lead to them losing their jobs, something that the management denies to reassure them is not going to happen, and also threatens not to pay them for the next month, obliging them to quit their jobs on their own. On 5/11 the workers had a general assembly with massive participation, where also initiatives from other workfields expressed their support. In this assembly they organised a series of mobilizations, to begin with the symbolic occupations of the building of Altec, since 9 in the morning of 6/11, to protest this injustice against the company's employees, and to call in solidarity to their fight against this process that goes further than Altec only, and concerns workers in general.

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