Communique on arsonist attacks (Thessaloniki, 14/11/2008)

From an e-mail to (note: previous action by the same group can be found here):

The dawn of Tuesday 14/11/08 we attacked Eurobank on Aegaeou street, a car of Bosch on Papazoli street, an ATM of ATE bank on Filippou outside Atlantic supermarket, and a subsidiary of Geniki Bank on Karaoli and Dimitriou street corner, as a sign of solidarity to the prisoners struggle.
Since 3/11/08 the prisoners have started mobilizations across Greece's prisons denying prison food to hunger strike for "better detention conditions" without the illusions that if these demands are satisfied, it's going to be the happy medium. We are in solidarity to the prisoners that have selected the way of "claiming their rights", keeping a dignified stance of struggle. We don't get fooled by the existance of prison as a means of punishment and we don't ask for its aesthetic amelioration. We don't have the illusion that its existance, defines us, outside the prison walls, as free. Inside and outside the walls, each one selects his role and either maintains his chains either rebels.
Our only demand to ourselves and to our comrades is the destruction of every prison, visible or invisible. Negating the mediocracy of our times, we found and we 'll keep finding moments of escape. We will set on fire your quiet nights untill the destruction of the existant. We'll be back...

Cells of creative rupture

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