Multiple incendiary attacks (Athens-Thessaloniki, 3/11/2008)

According to reports from the mass-media:

Thessaloniki: Three explosions in a raw of gas-canister homemade devices shocked the dawn of Tuesday. On 2:30 there was an explosion at the reserve officers club on Amalias 14 street, Evosmos district, causing damages to the glass windows of the entrance. Five minutes later an explosive device made of 3 gas canisters exploded at an ATM of Geniki bank, on Hilis 6 street, Kalamaria, damaging the ATM. On 2:40, another device with 2 gas canisters exploded inside a building on Margariti 9 street, in the center of Thessaloniki, where a private school is based.

Athens: Gas canister devices exploded outside a mobile phone subsidiary at Agia Paraskevi causing material damages, and at the offices of Navy retired officers on Klafthmonos square, causing excessive damages to 5 cars parked outside, wrecking completely 2 of them. State security investigates the case.

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