Supermarket expropriation (Thessaloniki, 12/11/2008)

A group of 30-40 comrades realised an expropriation at Masoutis supermarket on Papafi street, in Kato Toumba. Then, they distributed the basic need products in a near by street market. The people's reaction was immediate, taking everything out of the carts.

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We have to survive in a system that gives birth and life to incidents of vulgar exploitation of a human by another human. Some of its concequences are costliness, low wages and pensions and in general the misery of large parts of this society. We watch everyday reporters, commenteers and angry consumers complaining about costliness. Protests variate from mere screams against costliness, boycotting certain products, to sending letters to ministers to take some measures. illusions of reaction, holes in the water! It would be irrational for one to believe that those that create, conform and profit of this situation can give the solution. We realise that these cannot bring any solution, nor lead to a generally better life. For us the problem is the system, authority and exploitation and thus we do not expect from any minister, industrialist of businesman to give a solution. The only solution for us is our confrontation to every form of authority and war against all bosses, small or big. So, we decided to "invade" a large supermarket, in order to expropriate products that we use every day so as to distribute them freely and with none price to those that produce them and they belong to. This is aminimum action of solidarity to the parts of this society that experience exploitation and the everyday war of the bosses. We do not accept the figure of "Robin hood of the poor" (that after though and with a specific reason was attributed to us by the mass-media) as our motive is not charity, neither do we have illusions to become an avant-guarde that will do that for life, creating further divisions among the exploited. This action has a symbolic character. But we don't have the illusion that on our own, doing such actons, can overturn the system. We dare people to break the chains that suffocate us and to act, each one by his own way, denying this system of slavery. Against exploiters, submissive servans and reporters reproducing lies and state propaganda we select to continue our actions For a society where solidarity and not exploitation will reign among people.

PS1. We keep our faces covered as a means of mere protection against cops, snitches and security guards. It is obvious that we don't have any intention to terrorize people we adress to.
Everything for All


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