Arson at the office of minister of defense Ev. Meimarakis (Athens, 4/11/2008)

From the mass-media (
An improvised incendiary device, made of 4 gas canisters and a tank of gasoline exploded this afternoon on 17:15 at the entrance of the political office of the minister of defence, Evaggelos Meimarakis, on the 4rth floor of a building on Solonos and Benaki street, at Exarchia.
The arsonists had placed the device outside the locked door of mr Meimarakis offoces, while in the next door is the professional office of his wife. From the explosion and the fire, material damages were caused to the offices entrance.

Note: After the attack, riot cops and cops in plain clothes invaded Exarchia harasses people.

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