Attacks against parliament members and militants of PASOK (Athens, 13-15/11/2008)

According to reports from indymedia ( and, on 13/11, around 25 anarchists interrupted an event in Piraeus technical institute, with guest the parliament member K. Skandalidis, pelting eggs and yoghurts, while they took away posters and banners of PASOK ("socialist" opposition party), chanting slogans as "against the state and every state's garbage, eggs and yoghurt for Kostas Skandalidis", and "right-wing, left-wing, bosses are the same shit". The event was cancelled and the guests escaped.

On 15/11, few dozens of anarchists attacked the PASOK militants safeguarding with stics and helmets their offices in Exarchia, resulting to the PASOK youth kicked out and their offices broken down.

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