Night-time incendiary attacks (Athens, 11/11/2008)


"It was another flammable night for Athens. The first incendiary attack happened at 22:40 in 11nth Tax collector office of Athens, at Patisia. Unidentified persons placed a gas canister device at the entrance causing minor damages. On 1:20 gas canisted device caused material damages at a Commercial Bank branch at Elliniko, damaging the bank's entrance. A third incendiary attack was on 3:20 in the dawn, at a Marfin-Egnatia Bank on Kyprou 54 street, Argyroupoli. A gas canister device was placed there too, damaging the ATM and the bank's entrance hall. During the last 20 days, arsons against banks, security company cars and political party offices are an everyday phaenomenon, causing trouble to the police, as within a week is the 17/11/1973 insurrection remembrance festivities..

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