Radio stations occupied (Lamia-Thessaloniki, 6-7/11/2008)

Lamia: The radio station FM-1 was squated during the afternoon, in a sign of solidarity to the prisoners struggle around the country. Audio material can be found at You can also check the blog of Lamia's self-managed radio

In Thessaloniki: "On 11:00 and for about 20 minutes Radio Ekfrasi (Expression) 92,4 was occupied with the context of actions in solidarity to the 3 fugitive anarchists and V. Botzatzis, as well as to the prisoners struggle. Two communiques regarding these cases were read in the mic. (Source

Note: Since 3/11 throughout the prisons of the greek state, thousands of prisoners have started a collective hunger strike and/or boycotting the prison meals, protesting prison conditions, heavy sentences and torture. A translation of their demands is at http:/

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