Communique on the incendiary attacks (Athens, 5-11/11/2008)

The sun shines for all, doesn't shine inside prisons, doesn't shine for those working in a mine, for those making the pins for the hair, those blowing in empty bottles, other will drink filled, those that don't cut the bread with the good manners of the good people, those spending their holidays in the factories, those that don't know what they should say, those making the pens, inside some underground cell, for others to write in open air that everything is splendid, those searching, those not searching at all, those staring at their dog dying, those having their fingerprints taken, those that never saw the sea, those that don't induce society into saying "ah, he's gonna succeed".

It is beautiful to feel the revenge of the damned is near.

Solidarity to the prisoners struggle across the country.

We claim responsibility for the:

Car of Libyan embassy in N. Psyhiko on 6-11
New Democracy local office in Halandri on 8-11
Security car in Gyzi on 9-11
Police car outside the courthouse of the former Evelpidon, in the noon of 10-11
Construction company office in Lykavittos, taking part in the construction of the greek police barracks at Amygdaleza on 10-11
Subsidiary of Emporiki bank in Elliniko on 10-11
Kyprou bank branch in N. Smyrni on 11-11
"Sklavenitis" supermarket car, supplying the prisons, on 11-11
Private car of the former justice minister S. Valirakis in Holargos, responsible for the repression of the great prison insurrections of 1995, on 11-11
Government vehicle in Ampelokipi on 11-11

Prisoner Solidarity Incendiary Committe

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