Arson at New Democracy (ruling party) offices (Thessaloniki, 6/11/2008)

Photo from the mass media (, while the text is a translation of a claim published at Previous action by the same group.

We claim responsibility for the symbolic attack at the local offices of New Democracy on Kompotheklas 8 in Analipsi, Thessaloniki, early in the dawn of Thursday 6-11-08.

With a minimum act of solidarity we care for the prisoners angry voices to reach every corner of this city.
In this struggle held in every prison of the country these days, where the damned souls put in front their lives, our solidarity is not just granted and self-evident, it is practical.

"We "warm up" our embraces to welcome again in the gulfs of resistance our comrades I. Nikolaou, D. Syrianou, K. Halazas".

Cells of aggresive solidarity to prisoners

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