New spaces squated (Ioannina-Athens, 4-29/10/2008)

In Ioannina: A new self-organized space started from October 4 at Ioannina, at the old building of Hadjikostas Hospital after 10 years of desertion, it was given life! More on Antiviosis Squat at

In Athens: In the polytechnic school campus, on Katehaki and Kokkinopoulou street corner, the old pumping station got squated in order to hold self-education projects, and to become an "isle" of self-organization and participatory socializing and creativity. The squat is managed through an open assembly, co-shaping and co-deciding in a context of cooperation and solidarity". More on the "Epitahintis Eleftheronion" (Free electron accelerator) squat, at

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